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At Zavy Green, located in the heart of Lafayette, we specialize in products from companies that care about the ecosystem, your health, and the workers who make them.  We have spent countless hours researching the many brands we carry so that you can rest well knowing that you and your family are investing in high-quality products that help to make the world a better place.


Our products exist because people understand the impact they have on the environment.  Each time we toss aside a disposable bag or diaper, we are creating unnecessary waste that will be on the Earth for thousands of years.  So stop wasting and start greening!


In addition to the ecological benefits of many of our products, there is also a huge health benefit for you and your family. Many carcinogens are abundantly present in the products we use and eat every day.  So be smart about what you choose for your family.  It is crucial to make choices that minimize your risk of potential illness.


Finally, we carry products from companies that care for their employees.  When we pay the extra cost for clothing because it is fair trade, we are saying that our money should go to fund a better world for everyone, not just those who are fortunate.  Fair trade and equal pay companies work tirelessly to make life better for the people who play important roles in our global society.